Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy 82nd Birthday Uncle Leonard!

Jacob loves holding babies

Tyler & Jake with Wes, their second cousin

Baby Wesley!

Getting ready to leave, Tyler was tired

Jacob texting some friends

Tyler, Jacob & Uncle Leonard

Uncle Leonard giving his speech

Larry & Nita

Lenzi, Chris & Jake

Tyler & Lenzi

Elena and Aunt Squeaker

Wes was hungry

Jenny & Wes

Being silly

Chris & Lenzi

Pat (my sister-in-law) Mike's sister

Cooking Paella on the barbecue. Delicious!

The boys thuggin it..


Pat said...

I like the way you posted the pictures from side to side - I swear I pick up a new computer tip from Jeff or Jenny each time I see them. You should set up a gmail account and use the calendar feature for yourself too.

word verification: bucker (hmmm)

Jenny said...

now we're talkin' ;)