Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jacobs Day~Part II ~ Last Days of Summer

Bremerton Waterfront

Zoe, Tamra & Jacob
Tamra, Zoe, Zanna & Jacob


Jenny said...

i think it begs further explanation...what's Jacob day?

Elena said...

Jenny~ it's something that started last year. Jacob always talks about going to Seattle and visiting the Space Needle with his friends Zoe and Tamra, whom I'm really good friends with Zoe's mom. So we went last year, visited the EMP. While there we formed our own band and needed a name, we called ourselves "Jacob's Day", because this day was all about Jacob. It's kind of an ongoing thing now, whenever Jacob wants to go do something special with his 2 friends, we call it Jacob's Day. He has been friends with these two girls since first grade~they are all really good friends. So hence the name Jacob's Day II. We actually were suppose to go to Seattle again, but it just wasn't working out, so we kept it close to home. It was a fun day. We do plan on goin though in October. Jacob's Day III..here we come!
Thanks for asking!