Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Sunday Adventure

Pam and I went to a baby shower in Snohomish. We started out our day with Pam picking me up at 11:30. Drove to Kingston to take the ferry over. Missed the 12:30 sailing so we had some time to wander around. We shared a crepe at the Creperie, dark chocolate with almonds and whipped creme. DELICIOUS! Once we got to Edmonds we found this place with these huge animals! And believe it or not, they were for sale! Who would buy them? Where would you put them?
We had quite an adventure. We laughed alot, ate, talked. It was a fun day with my sister-in-law.
Thank you Pam for doing the driving and getting us there safe. A friend of ours let us borrow her Garmin, without that I'm pretty sure we would have gotten lost. It was a life saver.
Fun day....


Jenny said...

what? no pictures of wesley? ;)

i didn't realize how much fun you had BEFORE you even got there.

Pat said...

can't wait for the fun we're going to have in Vegas!