Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunday fun with my boys

Jacob loves the show "Planet Earth" so we got him this game for Valentine's Day. Some of the properties are places I've never heard of, but it was fun and interesting. The tokens are animals.
*Mike~Whale *Elena~Bear *Tyler~Kangaroo *Jacob~Tiger

These are some of my properties, although later on I sold some and gained some.

We were also watching Basketball, All Stars Game. Yay, the West won!

Mike rolling the dice.

Dinner and a game...Yum.

Unfortuantly Mike was the first one out. Everything he owned had to be mortgaged just to pay Tyler for rent. Hey, this is serious stuff. :)

After over 3 hours of playing we had to call it quits. We added up all of our property owned and money, this is the results:

Tyler Won!: $4,100.00... Elena: $4,090.00... Jacob: $3,695.00

It was fun.
Can't wait to play with you Lindsey! Monopoly is Lindsey's favorite game.


Pat said...

You guys would love playing Big Brain on the Wii. Do you have that one? It's Joe's favorite game.

Elena said...

No, is it fun?