Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Day with Aunt Squeaker

On our way to Seattle to help Aunt Squeaker put things away and organize.

Hard at work putting things away.

Getting the computer all put together.

Pam and I were in charge of putting up pictures.

Helping Tyler with the books.

Aunt and grand nephew time.

Break time!

Pam being silly...

Jacob on the balcony.

Squeaker relaxing in the Sun Room.

"Bitter Lake" in the distance.

Cascades in the distance.

Could Pam and I get a job as professional picture hangers? Not by the looks of this! What happened!

We fixed it....

Mike and Larry putting together a shelf that will go in the "office".

The hallway.

Very nice place Squeaker, we hope you enjoy living there. Lots to do!

Our guilty pleasure when we were done. Ahhh...Krispy Kreme donuts!


lindsey said...

the apartment looks very nice! it looks like you guys did a good job helping! again though, tyler is hardly in any pictures :)

3 sweet P's said...

although you guys were working, looks like you had fun doing so.jacob is getting so big!!! and so is tyler, glad i get to keep up with you guys!