Sunday, April 26, 2009

Surprise Visit!!!

We had a surprise visit today from Carissa and Ella. Carissa is one of Lindsey's best friends from school. They have been friends since Kindergarten. It was so good to see her and her new baby. What a sweetheart and a cutie! We fell in love with her.

Carissa and Ella

Oh, I could just keep her!

I had my grandma fix today!

She took to the boys right away. Carissa says that Ella really likes men (her daddy is in Iraq, and she misses him). :)

What a doll!

Ella is 6 months old. Thank you Carissa for visiting! We missed you. And thank you for sharing Ella with us. You are doing such a good job raising your beautiful Ella....I hope Bryan comes home soon. Love ya...


3 sweet P's said...

what a sweetheart she is!! bet lindsey cant wait to see them. carissa has a beautiful little girl.

puppy love said...

that is an adorable baby

Pat said...

What a doll!

lindsey said...

she is so cute! i get to see her in 2 weeks!!!