Monday, November 10, 2008

10 on 10: A Day In The Life Of Elena

Dropping Jacob off at school.
My mom having her morning coffee at Starbucks just before our morning shopping at Costco.

Shopping at Costco. I bought us a heated mattress pad, my mom bought herself some flannel sheets.

Fountain at Harrison Hospital. Taking my mom to her post opt appointment.

Driving home. This is taken on the Warren Avenue bridge.

Sun just peeking through the clouds in Bremerton.

I found this flyer nudged in between our front door when I came home.

My new reads. Can't wait to start them!

Dropping Tyler off at Drivers Ed.

Ending the day at Jazzercise. Ahhhh!
Hope I did ok with my very first 10 on 10. :)


lindsey said...

everyone's getting starbucks today, i am jealous.

Teri said...

I miss Jazzercise!!!!

Brian said...

looks great....couldnt have done it better myself

Elena said...

Sorry Lindsey, wish I could have Starbucks with you. Miss doing it in Hawaii with you and Laura.

Teri, We miss you!!!!

Thank you Brian. :) It was fun....

Pat said...

You did great! I love your 1st 10 on 10 post.

Elena said...

Thank you Pat!

Jenny said...

twilight- yay! some of my favorite reads of the summer.

glad you started participating're really running with the whole blogging thing ;) I'm so proud!