Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Boldrin Bunch Saturday Excursion to Seattle/Ballard

On our way to Jenny's baby shower in Ballard. This picture is taken in Gig Harbor, not yet raining here.
We're in Seattle! The rain is here! Mike dropped me off at the shower and then took the boys to The Woodland Park Zoo.

Jenny opening the shower gift we gave her. Nice shower Pat!

This is the gift I won playing a game of Baby Bingo. I still can't believe I won! Thank you Pat for a wonderful gift. It was a fun shower.


Jenny said...

i'm so glad you came (after getting lost a bit) AND won a gift!

the presents for little Wes were also very appreciated ;)

thanks again!

Prince said...

Hi Elena! How fun that you got to go to Jenny's shower. I'm a bit envious that you won a baby shower game...I never seem to win. It was fun to look at your pictures on your blog and see how your children have changed so much...but you seem to look exactly the same as I remember you! You are quite a woman! All my best to the Boldrin Bunch.