Monday, November 24, 2008

Fondue & hot tubing at the Kleins'

Kerry set a nice table.
The steak/chicken/pork fondue sizzling..........

Dinner time! Everything was great!

This was so relaxing!

Jacob holding Houdini, Joe and Kerry's cat. He took a liking to Jacob.


lindsey said...

looks like you had fun. you look very pretty too.

Jenny said...

You do look pretty Elena! And that fondue looks really good, I think I'm hungry. I'm currently snacking on some salt and vinegar kettle chips at midnight!

Pat said...

Is Houdini the name of the cat, or is that what you're calling Jacob now?

Elena said...

That's so funny Pat. After I posted (which I was in a hurry so that's why I messed up) :) I knew it didn't look right. It's been changed.

Thank you Lindsey and Jenny for the nice compliment.