Saturday, November 1, 2008


After Jenny's shower we went to dinner at this very casual teriyaki restaurant located at the corners of Michigan and E. Marginal. Mike used to frequent here when he was working in Seattle. We highly recommend it. Very good!!!

Graffitti we came across on the back of a building wall just behind the restaurant. We were quite impressed!


Jenny said...

i used to work at the Costco near here- but I never ate at this place...i should check it out- thanks for the tip.

Pat said...

When I worked at AG we used to go here. Small world... Boldrin good taste.

Elena said...

Jenny, Mike mentioned that you worked at the Costco near the restaurant.
Do try out the teriyaki. You will like it. Thanks in advance for making my rice pillow. I can't wait to get it!

Pat, Yes, the Boldrins do have good taste.:)

We had a great day yesterday. The boys enjoyed it too, seeing Jennys house, going to the Zoo. There were lots of animals out! They love Ballard!